Fashion Editorial in a Backyard Portrait Studio

How I Convert My Backyard into a Portrait Studio for a Fashion Editorial

I tried this portrait studio setup outdoors on a bit of a whim. I was tiring of shooting against seamless paper, so I tried my Savage Universal Muslin backdrop oudoors on a traditional backdrop stand. I placed the backdrop in multiple locations but didn't quite love it. It wasn't until I had the thought to blend it into the trees that I completely fell in love with it. Glennon brought over her own styling from her personal wardrobe and as always killed the mood and vibe in this vintage fashion editorial at my Charleston SC home. The warm clothes and skin tones pop against the cool greys and deep greens of the surrounding. 

charleston sc fashion editorial in a backyard studio with savage universal dark grey muslin 10'x24' backdrop

Equipment Used

I photographed this editorial using my Sony a7iii and adapted Leica Summilux-m 50mm F1.4 lens (my favorite digital combination). I tend to shoot most of my work on film, but have found this combination quite a joy to shoot and gets me close to the look of my film imagery. Sometimes I prefer digital for fashion work because it affords me the opportunity to shoot more to catch the imperfect and in between moments that often end up being my favorite. The backdrop is a 10'x24' dark grey muslin backdrop from Savage Universal. 

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I have portrait studios in Charleston South Carolina and Traverse City Michigan, but am constantly traveling around the country and world in search of new faces and unique backdrops.

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