An Earth Toned Felt Hat and Boho Style in this Charleston SC Studio Fashion Editorial

An Earth Toned Felt Hat and Boho Style in this Charleston SC Studio Fashion Editorial

Earth toned, boho themed fashion editorial with a bit of wild west grit in Charleston South Carolina by studio portrait photographer and fashion photographer Brian D Smith. Shot on expired kodak film.
April 24, 2020, 8:12 p.m.

Inspiration behind the studio fashion editorial in Charleston SC

This shoot was inspired by my signature studio portrait look, mixed with a bit of fashion grit. My studio portraiture is shot on medium format film, often expired, with my signature strobe lighting pattern. The expired Kodak P160vc adds a subtle red tint to the shadows of the images for a small touch of something surreal. The crushed blacks of the long expired film complement the dramatic expressions of the models face. This Charleston South Carolina editorial fashion feature focused on the hat, coordinating the colors to the mocha seamless paper backdrop. Contrasting black denim and a white shirt provided separation from the backdrop and navigated the viewers eyes toward the earth tones of the hat. Black and brown is a totally underrated color combination, and one that I like to play off of frequently in my fashion photography work. 

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