Family and 4th of July in Northern Michigan Documentary on Film

Family and 4th of July in Northern Michigan Documentary on Film

4th of July family festivities at our Bear Lake Michigan Cottage. Lifestyle, documentary photography shot on medium format and 35mm film. Kodak Gold 200 with Nikon FM3a and Kodak Portra 800 with Hasselblad 202fa
Aug. 16, 2020, 2:31 p.m.

4th of July Fun and Why I Document my Family on Film

My family all gathers at our lake cottage in Bear Lake Michigan every year around 4th of July. My sister and her husband weren't able to join us this year, but with 2 nephews, it's always a rambunctious time and I always have plenty to photograph. I always photograph the family on film. When I shoot digital, I tend to shoot more and then the thought of editing all those images from scratch becomes so daunting and I never end up doing it. With film, I slow down, shoot more conciously and can 1 click edit the images when I get the film scans back. This year I brought out my favorite camera, my Hasselblad 202FA with a roll or two of Portra 800 film and my trusty old favorite Nikon FM3a with Kodak Gold 200. The presence of a 6x6 medium format image is hard to ignore and I just find it so visually pleasing. 35mm film just screams summer to me. It reminds me of childhood and carries a certain nostalgia with it. Film has a permanence about it which makes it the perfect medium for capturing something so fleeting as life. 

documentary family photograph on a lake in michigan on kodak portra 800 film with hasselblad 202fa

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