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Charleston Film Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Brian D Smith

Brian D Smith is an award winning film wedding and elopement photographer in Charleston SC. He is a passionate documentary storyteller and portrait artist, photographing couples, weddings and elopements on film. Film represents something tangible and timeless and is a beautiful medium to capture something so enduring as love in a destination who's beauty is so illimitable as The Holy City. Brian brings a unique style to the city as a Charleston wedding photographer, inspired by fashion and his desire to create something that will forever be revered as art. It is this pursuit of wedding photography as an art form and his continuous quest to connect deeply with his clients that makes his work as unique as you are and Brian the best wedding photographer in Charleston South Carolina.

portrait of charleston wedding photographer brian d smith photography on film at The William Aiken House charleston wedding venue

Brian's Charleston Wedding Photographer Story

I wasn't always a wedding photographer in Charleston SC. In fact, I came to Charleston South Carolina to work as an engineer at Boeing. I moved to this city because I was ready for new scenery, but little did I know it would lead to a far greater change and the best thing that's ever happened in my life - rediscovering art and falling in love with wedding photography. Charleston has been the only other home I've ever known and lucky for me just happens to be the number 1 weding destination in the US. I abruptly left my engineering career and my love for wedding photography grows every single day. It consumes me in the most beautiful way. My couples and the personal connections I make as a Charleston wedding photographer mean everything to me. I'd love the opportunity to get to know your story and tell you why I should be your Charleston SC wedding photographer. Click the link to read more about my own personal story or send me an email and let's meet for coffee at my favorite downtown Charleston coffee shop.

Charleston SC is Where My Friends Are

I know it's not the answer you typically get from a wedding photographer in charleston SC about why they love their city. Most photographers talk about their love for the beach, the southern charm, the pastel colored buildings of Rainbow Row, or the beauty of the downtown Charleston SC cobblestone roads. I love all of that, but to me that beauty is an assumed quality of the city that I call home as a wedding photographer. I can't imagine living anywhere that I wasn't drawn to and inspired by the landscapes, by the architecture or by the smell of the air. What makes a destination a home, for me, is my connection to the people. People are why I love being a wedding photographer and elopement photographer so much, and it's this same draw that makes Charleston feel like the place I call home. When I changed careers and began to pursue wedding photography, I changed a lot about who I was. I changed what I valued in life, I traveled the world, I sold most of my posessions, and I found a network of like minded friends to support me and who value similar things in life. This is the connection that truly draws me to Charleston's beautiful landscape - that comforting feeling that there is someone else there to appreciate it with you. This deep value for personal connection is what I truly believe makes me the best wedding photographer in Charleston South Carolina. It's not enough for me to simply photograph you to the backdrop of the abundantly beautiful Charleston wedding venues. I want to tell your story of connection to eachother, to the landscape, and share in that experience with you in this beautiful Holy City that I call home.

My Favorite Coffee Shop is in Charleston

Let's Meet at Second State Coffee to Talk about Your Wedding

I love coffee. Like, not in a pinteresty I love coffee sort of way, but a "legitimately it's my favorite thing in the world" sort of way. I think about my morning coffee when I go to bed at night and I think about my second cup when I brew my first. I have dreams of opening up a portrait photography studio that is also a coffee and espresso shop. I don't particularly like to work from home, so I work out of coffee shops all day doing all the random little things that a wedding photographer does. Second State Coffee in Downtown Charleston SC has become my home away from home. A comforting, welcoming coffee shop does just about as much to make a place feel like home for me than anything else. If you are visiting or live in Charleston South Carolina, let's grab a cup of coffee to talk about what I can do for you as your wedding photographer. If you live away from the Holy City, let's brew a cup of coffee and talk Charleston wedding photography over the phone.

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Portfolio Highlights of a Charleston Wedding Photographer

A collection of favorite charleston weddings, charleston elopements, studio bridal portraits and blog posts about my work as a wedding photographer in Charleston SC. Telling your dream southern wedding story through the eyes of an artist and someone fascinated by human connection.

Charleston Wedding Photography Highlights

South Carolina wedding favorites and memorable moments as a wedding photographer in Charleston SC

Every wedding experience in Charleston South Carolina is uniquely memorable just as every couple has their own unique memories and paths that led them choosing me as their wedding photographer. I'm truly grateful for every engaged couple that trusts me to photograph one of the most important days of their life. I care deeply for what I do and when I find Charleston or destination wedding couples that connect with my photography, it brings me profound joy. I love the energy of weddings. I love connecting with people and telling their stories. Whether your wedding is a full blown southern affair, a micro wedding with your closest friends and family or a Charleston elopement with only the one you love the most; I'm here to tell your story with the passion of somebody who can't ever imagine doing anything else with his life. If you're a recently engaged Charleston or destination couple, I'd love to be your Charleston engagement photographer. I hope these Charleston wedding and engagement photography highlights give you the inspiration you need to start planning your dream wedding, and I'd love to tell you all about what I can do for you as your Charleston wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Highlights: Memorable Charleston Wedding Galleries

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portrait of charleston wedding photographer brian d smith photography on film at The William Aiken House charleston wedding venue

Your Charleston Wedding Photographer - Brian D Smith

If I had to describe my wedding photography style to someone, I might show them this image of a Charletson bride. I have a unique style for Charleston SC weddings. Even as a film wedding photographer, my style deviates from most that brand behind shooting film at weddings. My work focuses on bold color palettes and ethereal beauty, all while retaining a timeless look that will make sure your wedding photographs are as beautiful now as they are 20 years from now. I shoot weddings on film to achieve my aesthetic, but so much of the end result is in the process. I'm forever in search of interesting textures, light and color for your wedding photographs - Charleston wedding venues are never short of that. True art never goes out of style! Check out my wedding photography portoflio for more images or click on the weddings link to learn more about my work as a charleston wedding photographer, my process, why I love wedding photography or to learn more about myself as a film wedding photographer.

Charleston SC Micro Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Your Charleston wedding doesn't have to be a grand southern affair to be extraordinarily beautiful. As a Charleston elopement photographer, I cater to couples who are seeking something less traditional. I'll photograph your getaway weekened elopement, your small micro wedding or your Charleston courthouse elopement. No affair is too short or too long. Charleston Intimate weddings are a beautiful chance to eliminate the details and structure of a wedding, the large guest counts and stress, and focus on eachother and a few close friends and relatives. Alternatively, you can just get away for the weekend, just the two of you, and we will make a beautiful documentary of your love. Elopements strip certain details away, but what remains constant is your love and my desire to tell your wedding story. It's an opportunity to focus on one another and do things less traditionally. An intimate or micro wedding doesn't mean less beautiful, however. In fact, elopements and smaller weddings are a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your wedding photography. Check out my blog post for some amazing ideas for creative wedding photography ideas for your intimate Charleston SC affair.

Why an Elopement is the Perfect Opportunity to Get Creative with your Wedding Photos

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Studio Sixty Reid - Charleston Bridal Portraits in Studio

Bridal portraits, bridal boudoir, charleston engagements and charleston wedding portraits all in Studio. Highlights from my Charleston photography studio - Studio Sixty Reid.

Studio Bridal and Wedding Portraits in Charleston South Carolina

Studio Sixty Reid - Brian D Smith Photography bridal, wedding and portrait studio in Charleston SC

Studio Sixty Reid is the name given to my photography studio in Charleston SC. I was inspired to pursue studio portraiture, because I wanted to photograph studio bridal portraits. A friend showed me a simple bridal portrait of his wife in studio and I was in awe of how much timeless beauty there was in it's simplicity. Stripping away all of the external noise and grandeur of a wedding day, you were left with only the beauty of her character. I have been captivated by studio bridal portraits ever since. My studio portrait style is a bit timeless beauty portraiture and a bit fine art expressionism and character portraits, all influenced by my love for editorials and fashion. In my Charleston SC studio I specialize in bridal portraits, bridal boudoir, engagement and couples portraits and studio wedding formal portraits. Adding a studio photography session to your charleston wedding package is the perfect way to slow down, enjoy being beautiful, and show your character in a more relaxed and carefree setting. My studio work is such a unique offering as a Charleston wedding photographer. Studio wedding portraits are not offered by many photographers and certainly not in my art forward yet traditionally romantic style. For a better sense of my studio photography style and the beauty that is traditional and fine art film studio portraiture, take a look at my featured galleries from my Charleston SC Studio - Studio Sixty Reid.

Wedding, Bridal and Boudoir Highlights from the Charleston SC Photography Studio

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studio sixty reid bridal portrait on kodak film by charleston wedding photographer brian d smith photography with earth tone bouquet and emily kotarski gown

Charleston Studio Bridal and Couples Portfolio

My studio bridal and wedding portrait work is all about expression and a forgotten, old hollywood glamour - think 1960s Vogue with a bit of artistic grit. I shoot film in studio just as I do my wedding work. The portrait studio is my playground. It's a blank canvas to experiment in and some of my most proud works have come from the studio. A charleston bridal portrait session consists of a mix of glam portraiture and a little creative, experimental expression. This is your chance as a Charleston bride to be carefree, to be dramatic, to be silly or serious. It's your opportunity to express yourself outside the hustle of a big southern wedding. We create together and the end result is something not typical of a wedding photographer in Charleston SC and I find that incredibly exciting. If you are curious about studio bridal portraits or studio wedding portraits, send me an email or give me a call and let's chat. I'd love to tell you all about my studio portraiture and how it's the one wedding photography add on that you never knew you wanted.

Charleston Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir Portfolio

Another offering of Studio Sixty Reid is fine art film bridal boudoir and couples boudoir. I photograph boudoir for the southern bride and couple both in my charleston studio and on location. I fell in love with shooting boudoir because it's naturally expressive. Sexuality is a core part of who we are as human beings and being able to express the extent of your personality is a beautiful thing. My boudoir photography style is subtle and focuses on telling the story of one's sexuality through portraiture, through mystery and through quiet intimacy. I approach boudoir the same as I do portraiture, but only more of the body is exposed and more opportunities for creating beautiful shapes and forms exist. The human body is beautiful. I sell boudoir not as a gift for your husband but for you, the bride, as an opportunity to express your sexuality and beauty for no one other than yourself. As a Charleston boudoir photographer, I educate my clients on my approach and why my style of boudoir is fitting for the more traditional and sophisticated southern wedding client. Charleston bridal boudoir is sophisticated, artistic, and a beautiful story to be told. Bridal boudoir sessions can be done the morning of your wedding or on an alternate date. To read more about why you should book a bridal boudoir session for your wedding, check out my blog post, below. I answer questions you might have about my approach and my perspective on photographing boudoir as a male photographer.

Reasons Why You Should add A Bridal Boudoir Session to Your Charleston Wedding Photography Package

charleston bridal boudoir portrait on film at wingate plantation by brian d smith photography with bride in white lace bodysuit