Intimate Bridal Boudoir on Kodak P3200 35mm Film

Boudoir presented an interesting challenge for me. It's something that I have wanted to try for quite some time. I don't much care for the traditional boudoir that mainstream culture has come to embrace. I find beauty in mystery and in subtlety. I find beauty in shapes, in grain, in positions and expressions that you might find yourself in during intimate parts of your day. I think bridal boudoir so perfectly fits in with the bridal prep portion of a wedding day. Bridal prep is quiet, it's intimate, and it's a portion of the day that's shrouded in mystery that I'm so glad I get to document and put my artistic spin on. 

I wanted to shoot this entire project on grainy black and white film. The grain adds another element of mystery. The blown highlights of 35mm do the same. I shot these images on Kodak P3200 35mm film @1600 iso through my Canon EOS 1V, and on Ilford D3200 medium format film through my grandfather's old Zeiss Ikon Favorit TLR. I'm so pleased with how they turned out, and can't wait to start offering this service to my clients on their wedding day. These images were shot in the gorgeous bath/prep room at Canaan Valley Farms, in Asheville North Carolina.






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