Wedding Reception - Why You Hire The Good Photographer to Capture Those Fleeting Moments

Wedding Reception - Why You Hire The Good Photographer to Capture Those Fleeting Moments

A behind the scenes look at the moments less advertised - A Charleston wedding reception in all it's spontaneous glory.
June 13, 2019, 6 p.m.

I'll preach to anyone that is willing to listen that wedding photography is, primarily, story telling. Sure, everyone loves the beautiful dramatic portraits, myself included. At the end of the day, however, you are documenting fleeting moments that will help the couple relive the memories they were a part of and see for the first time, those that were happening when they weren't aware. 

The best wedding photographers tell the best stories. The best wedding photographers are always searching, always observing, for that split second moment that could mean the world to the couple...see grandparents having the time of their lives:

grandparents grandma wedding reception black and white film contax t3

I'm as active as you will see on the dance floor. Honestly, I just love to dance so I'm going to be out there shuffling, regardless. However, dancing and mingling on the dance floor allows me to blend into the crowd. Wedding guests become less aware and more willing to let loose and ignore my presence. I'm dancing but the camera is always ready. I listen for laughter, for cheers. I keep my eye on the couple's closest loved ones. 

Wedding receptions aren't often shown in the portfolio of most photographers. They aren't proudly displayed on instagram. I get it. They might not be the showstopping photo that is going to generate business and stop the mindless vertical scrolling of a stranger's index finger, but they will mean everything to the couple when they relive their wedding day. When I am really feeling footloose, I drop the big dslr and do a few laps around the dance floor with my pocket sized 35mm film camera - my Contax T3. This camera is so unassuming, and nearly unnoticeable (seriously it fits in my palm), but man do I get the most authentic reactions forever ingrained in black and white film.

So, here is a little glimpse into the moments of a wedding day that you don't usually see, as an outsider, but are equally important. Ask to see a wedding photographer's full wedding gallery. Ask them what they do to capture the moments of the day that are more fleeting. Ask them what moments are important to them, and see if it aligns with what is important to you. 

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