Gaia and Charlie Kiawah Sandcastle Charleston Beach Wedding

Gaia and Charlie Kiawah Sandcastle Charleston Beach Wedding

Gaia and Charlie's May Charleston South Carolina Wedding at the Sandcastle Resort on Kiawah Island - beachside ceremony, blush tones, and plenty of happy people.
June 29, 2019, 12:40 p.m.

Gaia and Charlie were married at the Sandcastle resort on Kiawah Island in Charleston, South Carolina. The sun was shining bright on this beautiful beach side ceremony. Gaia and Charlie were two of the most sincere and joyous people I have yet to photograph, and I couldn't be more grateful for them allowing me to be there and document their love. 

black and white charleston wedding kiawah sandcastle film kiss600

The reception at this wedding was so lively, and so joyous, that I wrote an entirely separate blog post on why you should hire the right photographer to capture these important moments. 

Why You Should Hire The Right Photographer To Photograph Your Reception

One of my biggest joys as a photographer is shutting my mouth and letting the couple's chemistry take over in posing...

charleston south carolina wedding beach couple portrait kiawah sandcastle film portra 400

Even the guests were some of the happiest people I have ever seen. This grandmother had so much style and so much energy. I adored her and her spirit. 

Grandma Grandmother black and white film joyous wedding reception portrait charleston kiawah sandcastle

Their wedding colors were shades of blush and beachy blues. 

charleston wedding kiawah blush bridesmaids charleston sandcastle pink dresses

blush rose wedding ring macro contax 645 film kodak portra 400 charleston

I shot a lot of black and white film through my ultra portable contax T3 for this wedding. I love the way the film grain and rich blacks seems to isolate emotion from it's surroundings. 

Charleston wedding film contax t3 black and white kodak trix kiawah beach wedding

Gaia and Charlie were sent off with a lovely bubble exit, riding off into the night in a convertible.

charleston weddings bubble exit sendoff kiawah photography sandcastle

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