Local Fall Florals and a Michigan Bride - Styled Shoot

Local Fall Florals and a Michigan Bride - Styled Shoot

Styled bridal portraits in homage to the beauty of Michigan's fall. Local florals from Floral Underground, shot on Kodak Portra 400UC, Ektar and Ektachrome E100SW film and my sony a7iii.
Jan. 15, 2019, 11:39 a.m.

There isn't much I love more than a Michigan Fall. The colors, the smells and the light all come together to provide a sense of peace and calm. I spent my 2018 summer up in Michigan, living out of my family's small lakeside cottage, photographing weddings. Northern Michigan is special to me for so many reasons, but the fall is nearly indescribable. I wanted to create an homage to the feeling of a Michigan fall with a styled bridal shoot. 

MODEL: Samantha, Insta @daisyraetravel  |  FLORALS: Derek at The Floral Underground, Insta @floralunderground, https://floralunderground.com/ 

DRESS BOUTIQUE: One Oak Bride, Insta @oneoakbride, http://oneoakbride.com/  |  DRESS: Kim from @truvellebridal, https://truvelle.com/


I met Sam, the model, on facebook and worked on two projects with her, all in the same day. We were photographing for 8 hours that day and she could not have been better to work with. We bonded over music tastes and a love for travel, and I cannot wait to reconnect with her when I return to Michigan for the 2019 summer. The flowers are from The Floral Underground, a traverse city based floral designer. I found Derek and his company on facebook, as well, and instantly knew he was the right fit. He had a background in competitive floral design, and I knew he would be able to take a vision and run with it. His knowledge of local michigan florals was exactly what I needed. He did justice to the beauty of Michigan's historic lakeshore, and exceeded my every expectation.  The gorgeous dress and silk shawl came from the wonderful folks at One Oak Bride in downtown Traverse City. Annie and Renee are wonderful people, and they've curated a lovely boutique environment fitting for one of, if not the most, importrant decision of a Bride's wedding planning. I cannot recommend their boutique or their services enough. 


This shoot produed one of my happiest experiments in film to date, and probably my favorite results from film to date. I shot a roll of 15 year expired Kodak Ektachrome E100SW through my trusty Canon Eos 1V. I had never shot color positive (reversal) film before, let alone something 15 years expired. The results blew me away. There was a orange/golden warmth to the images that I've never before seen in a film stock. It perfectly captured the glow of a fall sunset, and lit Sam's hair with the most beautiful shades of gold. I am going to write a full blog post on my experiences with this film stock soon. 


I hope these images provide you a sense of Michigan's beauty, but as I tell everyone that asks - "you just have to see it"

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