Contax G2 Black 35mm Rangefinder For Sale

Contax G2 Black 35mm Rangefinder For Sale

Black Contax G2 35mm Rangefinder FIlm Camera Kit for Sale with TLA 200, Zeiss 28mm Biogon, 45mm Planar, 90mm Sonnar
March 27, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

I'm selling my dream 35mm camera. The Contax G2 in black was a camera I lusted after for years. I came across one by chance when visiting new york and I snatched it up. This camera has been with me on fashion shoots, travel to India, Thailand and New York and been to a few weddings. The autofocus is fast, accurate, and the lenses carry the zeiss name with pride. Alas, I have decided to sell the camera. I am mainly selling because I was intrigued to try a Leica setup and it's lenses adapt so well to my Sony digital body, Sony A7iii, using the Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus adapter.  I also aquired a Contax T3, which filled my void for an autofocus, TTL flash 35mm camera. I will likely regret selling the G2, as it does so many things so well, but for now I am going to give the Leica/T3 combination a shot. 

contax g2 black 35mm rangefinder camera zeiss planar 45mm lens

contax g2 black 35mm rangefinder kit 45mm 28mm 90mm lens tla 200 flash

SAMPLE IMAGES TAKEN WITH THE G2 on Kodak Gold, Tri-X 400, and Kodak P800

thailand bangkok contax g2 35mm rangefinder kodak gold 200

india taj mahal contax g2 35mm film rangefinder camera kodak gold 200

contax g2 zeiss 45mm planar kodak trix 400 portrait model fashion

contax g2 kodak trix 400 film model outdoors charleston 28mm zeiss

contax g2 street photography kodak gold 200 downtown charleston 35mm

kodak gold 200 street photography 35mm film contax g2 charleston motorcylce

kodak portra 800 contax g2 lake michigan frankfort 35mm film

kodak portra 800 contax g2 35mm film camera

contax g2 tla 200 flash kodak trix 400 35mm film new york

contax g2 direct flash tla 200 new york kodak trix 400


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